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Basic design of Soymilk Processing Plant Gorgan, Iran


 Scope of Work

Project Engineering, Project Management and Site Engineering

  • Basic design of the plant , Feasibility study of Soymilk processing plant for Iran
  • Technology selection, capacity sizing, process consideration, site selection in Iran
  • Visiting Iran an application and receiving the permissions
  • Selecting the Golestan province as the best location for the plant
  • Calculations of process line, power, water, cooling, refrigeration steam & air
  • Proposing the design to authorities and receiving budget approval of $7Mil
  • Engineering, Contacting Vendors, Receiving Specifications and Quotations
 Project Size 6000 Gallon/H, $7 Mil
 Project Duration 2 Years
 Project Initiation 2002
 Firm location ALMA Soymilk , Iran

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