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Apple, Grape, Pear, Peach Juice Processing Plant Comprehensive Electrical Design, Installation, Commissioning and Expansion for Shahdiran Inc. Mashhad, Iran

 Scope of Work Project Engineering, Construction Site Engineering, Installation supervision & Commissioning
  • Detailed design of electrical power distribution & cabling, lighting, Instrumentation
  • Cable list, Component list, Material Take off
  • Detailed design of MDP, MCC, Emergency, Batteries & Lighting panels
  • Supervision and Under Licensing of assembling the Electric panels
  • Supervision of all Electrical, Mechanical , HVAC & Process Machineries installations
  • Test; Start up, Trouble Shooting, Production, Plant Engineering & Expansion
 Project Size 12 T/H, $7 Mil
 Project Duration 4 Years
 Project Completion 1988
 Firm location

Shahdiran, Mashad, Iran
ISCO Consulting Engineers ,Tehran

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